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Bonjour, y'all.

So much anxiety, so much planning and, somewhat to my amazement, it is all so good so far.Planes were on time. We flew Business First (hurray for points!) and it all seemed very swanky. For someone like me who does tons of cramped domestic economy, I almost felt like a faker with a very nice dinner and lie-flat seats.
Got to Paris and flew thru customs; seriously, it took about 5 seconds. A glance at the passport, a rubber stamp, no questions, no stink eye, like we get when we simply go to Canada, fercrysake.
Find the train with no problem, go to the Orange shop at the Metro station and get a sim cars for an old, unlocked iPhone and it works! Show up at the flat, our lovely young rental agent from Wyoming gives us tips and soon we are plying the rues de Paris. The sky clears, it's a short walk to the Seine, we wander over to Notre Dame just in time for an important mass (the Cardinal!) with a huge choir and then wander back to Rue Montmartre and our wee flat, passing through the dep…