Thursday, July 31, 2014

Love that dirty water

The drive up from Jersey was lovely. We opted for the Sawmill River Parkway, huge trees, narrow lanes, then northeast to Beantown. We walked the Freedom Trail past many historic sights and ended the day with a Duck Boat tour. Across from the Granary Cemetary is a pub whose claim to fame is the only place where you can drink a cold Sam Adams while gazing over a cold Sam Adams. 

The colonial tombstones were nearly always decorated with skeletons or skulls.

Buried here are also Crispus Attucks, a free black man who was the first to die at the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere and John Hancock. His servant, with no last name, lies here as well. 

The skull with wings motif is called a "soul effigy."

This tombstone, one of the very few with an angel, was for a girl who died at the age of four. 

At the bottom it says...
"Look on this babe and learn to die
Here you must lie as well as I"

We actually love cemeteries and usually find at leat one to visit on vacations. They are an unfiltered snapshot of life in a particular time among a particular people; history, sociology and art.

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