Sunday, December 15, 2013

Derde Zondag van de Advent

We have seen many impressive churches in Europe but I think I have found my favorite:
 Sint Nicolaaskerk in Amsterdam.

Facing the Central Train Station, just north of the Red Light District and "coffee shops" east and west, St. Nick retains its beauty amid the detritus of modern Amsterdam. Fittingly,  the walls are covered in wonderful paintings and gorgeous tiles. The stations of the cross are each huge scenes of about 10x15 feet painted onto the wall and the painter, Jan Dunselman, labored on them for 40 years.

St. Nicholas is the patron saint of seafarers and the fate of this city has always been tied to the sea. 

Tonight we attended vespers there. The 11 monks and priests came up the main aisle in their plain white robes and chanted, in Latin, the evening prayer. It was lovely.

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  1. I googled the church. A fantastic gingerbread house of a building!