Thursday, December 12, 2013

Das Boot

Today we were asked to fill out feedback forms on our cruise. 
I wrote
     " Viking did nothing wrong. The mistake was mine. This is not my type of travel." 

I told them the only way I would consider another cruise is if the boat was small, everyone got a bike and we only went to places inaccessible to tour buses. 

Was it painfully awful? Not at all!  Whenever we could, we avoided the group tours and did our own thing. But it was still a lot like being at a summer camp. For the intellectually challenged. I was amazed at the sheer lack of paying attention, the technical ineptitude over the audio guides, even after five days, the questions asked over and over. Add to that PA announcements, head counts on the bus and parading out all staff members on the last night for a round of applause...well what can I say.

I blame Downton Abbey. 

Plus, we found no one who didn't love it. 

Again, the ship is lovely, the staff and food were very nice and we actually enjoyed being up top and watching the world go by. Today, we were the only people outdoors. 

(If you remember the movie My Dinner With Andre, we are Andre and the rest of this ship is Wally.)

In an hour we will dock in Amsterdam. 

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