Monday, December 9, 2013

Is not that we're too busy...

It is that we have had very wonky wifi.

We are heading into day 4 of this cruise and, in brief, the ship is lovely, the staff is fine, the food is quite good and I have only felt humiliated by my fellow Americans a few times. The same number of times that I have wanted to lambaste some cocky American man expounding on how he loves his BMW but Germany is just too socialist, never once considering that it is their socialist system that produces such brilliant designers and engineers and their unionized labor that manufactures these great cars but again, I digress. 

But how I ever thought I would be able to adapt to the bus tour excursion is beyond me. Mark and I have managed to do a lot on our own but sometimes the attraction is just too far and/or they are going to move the boat while you are out, so...

We have many photos to upload. The quaint/charm meter is pretty much pegged to the right. 

More soon! 

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