Monday, December 2, 2013

Friendly Paree

When we were last here (we saw Apocalypse Now at its premier in Geneva, but I digress) we had heard about the rude French and came home saying that Parisians were no more rude than New Yorkers; they are big city people weary of the tourists and nothing more. 

I am here to tell you things have changed - they are downright friendly. 

Most people we have encountered are young, though not all. Everyone understands immediately that I am a native English speaker and they speak English to me for, no matter their proficiency, they are far better in English than I am in French. 

My theory - young people don't care. They are worldly. They stay in touch with friends 5000 miles away as easily as their neighbors. They have grown up in a multicultural world. They access popular culture from everywhere. They do not care about your color or nationality. 

Three teenage boys on the Metro. Two who might be North African, one blue eyed blond. The blond says goodbye to his friends with vertical fist clenches and a kiss on both cheeks. 

While the globalization of everything is sad for people who want to travel and go places where things are different, it is very good for the future of humans. 

The kids are alright. 

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