Saturday, December 28, 2013

More pics with tiny stories

One of the best things about pictures is the stories they prompt, but here are very short ones, often one sentence. Let me say again that nearly all the photos were taken by Mark. He has a simple pocket camera and doesn't use Photoshop. He just has a good eye. 

Cannot say I really understand the French penchant for subduing trees and forcing their conformity.

We went to the museum of the City of Paris. This vase stands about 4 feet tall and commemorates the 1934 Paris Olympics.

   Happened across this wee shop in a courtyard that sells old copies of newspapers, but as it says on the door, it fancies itself both a shop and a museum of the press. 

Quaint was everywhere in the small towns of Germany.

Destination weddings have become very fashionable among the Japanese. It was a very cold day for this petite couple at Heidelburg Castle, an oft chosen location.

Shutter holders in Heidelburg.

The castle and the gypsy caravan. The huge migration of the Romany people into the more prosperous parts of Europe is one of the unintended consequences of the EU and it is very controversial. I also see this photo as something of a metaphor for what is happening at home as the income gap and the decline of the middle class increases.

We had more good weather than we expected. Red skies at night.

Marksburg Castle

One of Cologne's not famous churches at dusk. 

The Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne was quite wonderful and covered nearly a millennium of objects. We noticed that nearly all items from the 20th century were donated by one man. 

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