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Puces and the Louvre

We slept late, though the time zone change has not been noticeable. We headed to the south side; the Puces de Vanves, and it was everything a flea market should be, except cheap. Lots of sterling flat wear, old lace, books, do dads and what nots under grey skies and falling leaves. Three day bearded French men smoking and arguing, women wearing large mufflers laughing with other vendors and a cart selling sandwiches, jamon & fromage. 

In among the local wares were a few oddball items, like an all American Kiwanis Club sponsored gum ball machine.

The first Sunday of each month is free Louvre day. We thought we'd go mid afternoon as people were leaving but...the line was tres long. We're talking Disney World spring break long, so we made an end run through the Carrousel de Louve- the shopping mall under the museum- and got in quite quickly. Beelined it to the top floor for Flemish/Belgium/German art where there were no crowds because everyone else was apparently jostling to get a picture of the Mona Lisa downstairs. 

But I keep thinking about the painting at the flea market of the smiling Eskimos with their dogs standing next to a pipeline with a French flag in the background. Kick myself for not at least grabbing a photo of that.

Puces de Vanves...

Le Louvre (even looking out of the windows is spectacular)...

Wall O' Rembrandt (self-portraits)...

An embarrassment of riches.


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