Sunday, December 15, 2013

Stuff we didn't buy



These are Russian meteorite chunks, they claim. They are also trying to sell moon rocks, which is illegal in this part of the Solar System.  (Paris)

    A shoe you can't refuse. (Strasbourg, France...which has been part of Germany off and on several times during the last couple of centuries, incidentally.)
    All creatures, great and small. (Germany)

    Did he really say "I am a jelly donut?" 

   Watch bands, scissors, CDs and tubes. (Amsterdam)


   Was tempted by the MJ/RIP sox. (Amsterdam)

    The spray paint comes without tips. We don't know if that is the law or if connoisseurs simply prefer 
     their own.  (Amsterdam)
   Das Racist!

   There is so much wrong with this we don't know where to begin.

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