Tuesday, October 27, 2015

After a fashion

Spanish parents like to dress their kids in very traditional clothing, with smocking and such,  and they like to dress them alike. Saw 8 girls with 2 Moms and only two different outfits. Stores with dressy kids clothes are common. 

Shops selling flamenco clothes are more common than I would have guessed. Who wears that and when? I have no idea. 

Nail salons? None. Hair salons? Tons

The bare legs look has not caught on. Women, even teens, wear hose not only with dresses, but often with shorts! (Have not seen any adults in shorts.)

The thing about stores closing for several hours in the afternoon? Very true if you're not in a tourist area. Bakeries with amazing looking sweets abound, yet it is rare to see anyone seriously overweight. 
Shoe stores are also everywhere and I expect that's because when you walk as much as they do, you go thru them fast. 

The local pedestrians walk as though you are expected to get out of their way. No eye contact. No moving, unlike New Yorkers who expediently weave thru crowds. 

I am keeping a list of English words on clothing. This has been a thing world wide for many years and obviously still is. 

Some examples:
     Good Vibes All The Way
     Claremont since 1859
     Fly Half 1+1
     The Music Show Lets Dance Rock and Roll
     Half Moon Girl (worn by a teenage boy) 
     State and Company Department of National Seashore

But they aren't even close to my favorite, seen 13 years ago in Japan--
     Her Boots is Hers Snazzy House

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