Monday, April 27, 2015

Bits and Pieces, Pt. 2

More views from the left coast with bits of narration.

Below, at a stop in Big Sur where the chairs are actually in the creek. Talk about chillin.

There were many beachside stops. We saw whales, but only as large dark lumps that barely surfaced for air, and one black fin swimming alone that I think was a shark. When we stopped for picnic lunch, we also saw this memorial. She was 19. How it happened, why here, these are things we do not know but it's sad and sobering all the same. No one should have to bury their child.

On a jolly note, the elephant seals were stinky and hilarious. Two would suddenly rise, bob and weave at each other with loud yelling and aggressive actions and then just stop and fall back asleep. This happened over and over up and down the beach while others seals just slithered over their sleeping pals who seemed not to notice. 

I don't often say "Oh look, a flea market. Let's stop." 
But I did in Santa Cruz.  

But in the end, it was a grey vacay and we felt fine.


And so ends this chapter. Onward, through the fog. 

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