Friday, April 24, 2015

Rest Easy

There has been for some time a trend in America for old school motels and motor courts to be purchased by folks from India and run as a family business.

This led to some moteliers to post signs saying "American Owned" which was of course code for owned by white people because Americans come in all flavors, but you know that.

When traveling NOT for work, we seek out the NOT chain places and if they have some 20th Century charm, all the better. We are completely comfortable doing this because our experience has been that the new owners toss a bunch of money into their motor motels in all the right places, like good mattresses, nice sheets and double glazed windows. But they don't replace the things that don't need replacing. 

I'm in love with the salmon colored porcelain! 

As far as we are concerned, this is a very positive trend. Comfort, charm, originality and a bit of nostalgia all at prices that vastly beat the chains.

And do I love it when we get a cabin? You know I do. 

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