Saturday, April 25, 2015

Modern Times

Headed on down from Monterey and saw another friend who left Michigan for California in the 70s but this time 'twas someone we'd not seen in 37 years. He was still a couple of degrees (literally) from finding his career and now he's retired! 

Meet Mike, y'all. 

We went to the beach and enjoyed his cooking and talked and talked and then talked some more at lunch the next day that lasted 3 hours. Mike is one example of how a technology has changed who we think of as friends.  We stumble across friends of friends we knew briefly in real life and get to know them again. A work aquaintence from the past can become a true confidant via email. 
We become friends (or at least "friends") with people we barely remember from high school. 
I used to think it odd, the people in our lives who are there in an "e" way. Now I just shrug that that is how modern life goes and I'm glad for it. 

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