Tripped up in Beantown

It is dawn. Mark is asleep but I have been awakened by pain. I had actually considered buying insurance for this trip.  Probably will next time.
I had so much in mind for these 11 days and now it will be simply scenic drives for the foreseeable future.
Yes, I have pain pills, but I take them sparingly because one very quickly builds a tolerance to codeine. 
Mark is fetching and nursing - something,  I'm sorry to say, at which he has a lot of experience.

At least I was still able-bodied for the MFA, one of America's truly great museums. Come for the John Singer Sargent. Be amazed by the Jamie Wyeth. Mark was gobsmacked by the latter, thus we made the exit through the gift shop and grabbed the exhibition book, adding serious pounds to the luggage. 

I am blue. Mountain hikes and beach combing plans gone. Historical walks? Nope. Getting old sucks. I'm not saying I fell because I'm old. I fell because I walk fast and don't look out for obstacles. But a twenty-something would recover in a snap. My wrists will still be aching at Thanksgiving.

Paul Revere or Jack Black? 

JSS. Have seen pictures of this many times. No idea the painting was so large. 

Wyeth. Photo doesn't begin to show...

A painting on wood of a corkscrew on a nail by Copely, the guy who painted every famous Revolutionary War figure and many more. 


  1. Crap! I wrote a whole comment and it disappeared! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the day lights out of whatever you DO manage to do.

  2. Can. Not. Believe THIS!?! And it is most definitely not karma. Please use that positive spirit of yours to enjoy a different vacation from the one you had planned. xox


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