32years later...

The scenery on the drive south into Massachusetts was really lovely.

 The sun was shining and we didn't get lost very much. (The downside of thinking you'll use a phone or tablet to navigate is the fact that there are many places where one has no signal, or it is so weak that a map won't load until well after you've missed your turn.)

Somewhere on our route I lost my jacket. I was very sorry to loose it. And my damaged body is still very damaged. My right wrist and hand ache badly and are of little use, yet I keep trying because I am right-handed. Have you ever tried to wipe yourself with your non-dominant hand? For me, it's amazingly difficult. 

That may seem a digression, but it is a description of my day. Plus, I simply was feeling yucky. My mind was other places and fretting about NYC because I still cannot wear a shoe and even in sandals, even in sandals that I have modified, it still hurts to walk. 

And all of this is a lead-in to explaining how it was that I forgot our anniversary. It wasn't till dinner, over mussels and spanikopita, that Mark mentioned the occasion.

But I will remember this 32nd anniversary because we went to Tanglwood.

They have a rain or shine policy here at the summer home of The Boston Symphony. The Boston Pops played as well, plus many young Tanglewood musicians. Shostakovich, Gershwin, Brubeck with 5 different conductors through the night, including long time Pops conductor John Williams. He did NOT conduct anything from Star Wars. Instead, we got the full overture from Raiders of the Lost Arc. Fun!

And the hand-held ticket scanners make the sound of a light saber.

Plus, the long and loud thunderclaps added a certain something to the music. By the time we got to the close, the sound effects were human made as they played the 1812 Overture.


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