Black and blues

It wouldn't be an honest blog if I didn't admit tha the vacation was, shall we say, impared. 

I have pictures of my ugly bruises, still ugly after 11 days, but I think I've hit my limit with last spring's hammock attack bruise, so I'll spare you the gorey visuals. 

Still cannot wear a shoe. Hands to shoulders, still in pain. Cannot open a twist off cap, cannot grasp, can't go to the grocery store because I couldn't carry the bags. 

It's hard to feel like the biggest klutz especially when the DH is fit as a fiddle and ends up being my Sherpa, again and again. 

Hurray for codeine. It was only with that aid that was able to walk and go places and do things and even drugged, I was far from fully functional.

Should have traveled more when I was younger, though I know why we didn't. 


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