Live Free and Tie Dye

After the creepy encounter with the woman working the NH welcome center, across the river into Brattleboro, VT was like stepping directly from Midland/Odessa to Austin.

The Edward Jones Investments building sports Tibetan prayer flags. The gallery featuring works by locals has some really nice work, very high quality. People are chatty and nice. I think we're in love. 

Mark had gone off to get the car -I'm still not walking painlessly- and I was headed into a local shop when a young woman approached me and asked if I had a minute. Sure. She asked if I would be part of her photography project. 
"Have you heard of the Humans of New York?" I said I had indeed. "Mine is like that only in Brattleboro."  I explained that I was just a visitor and she said that was just fine. She took my picture and asked me a question to go with the photo and then I took her picture. This is Eliza. She is 13 and she is a photographer in Brattleboro, Vermont. 


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