Some time in New York City...

The drive south was lovely down one park way after another and we made good time to our flat in Chelsea.
Our AirBnB host, Adam, is a very nice young man who was born in The City but lived in Israel till just a year ago. His place is wonderful and the location is hard to beat though dangerous, since were just a few blocks from Eataly, which has the best gelato I have ever tasted. Close to buses, subways and a Whole Foods half a block away. Quiet, clean, perfect. 

Mark made the trek to Newark to return the car so I might spare my aching foot, then he took the train back and after a bit of grocery shopping, we headed to the southern tip to take a clipper ship out into the bay.  

While awaiting the bus and then on the bus, had a nice chat with a woman about Austin- she has been there many times for SXSW, and she offered restaurant suggestions. I told her I was thinking about going to Coney Island and she thought it was a great idea. I thanked for encouraging me, since I wasn't sure. How did New Yorkers ever get the reputation for unfriendliness? That has never been our experience here. Heck, once a man literally gave Mark the shirt off his back! 

Freedom Tower

The weather was perfect, the sky was blue, and there were plenty of other boats to watch cross cross and make wakes. 

I don't get sentimental over the flag. It has been used and misused so many times, waved by cretins and ninnies with hatred in their eyes, I feel nothing about the the Stars and Stripes.

But Lady Liberty, well, she still gets me right there. And I know the poem by heart. 


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