Museum quality

In 11 days, we went to three art museums, one history museum, and three art galleries. 
It is foolish to take photos of art, because the are so lame in comparison to the real thing, but we do it anyway. 

Two galleries in NYC presented a curated show whose theme was Detroit. There were all sorts of things included, old and current and some whose connection to the Motor City was not clear, but it was fascinating.

This is Diego Rivera's portrait of Edsel Ford. We wondered how many visitors knew the story of how Ford convinced the directors of the Detroit Institute of Art that they must not destroy the 4 enormous murals Rivera was commissioned to paint. The images were controversial and small minds began to press for their destruction on the grounds that Rivera was a communist, but Edsel saved them. They are exquisite and amazing and, say what you will about the car named after him, Edsel Ford is a hero to all who love truth and beauty.

There was also an endless loop of the MC5 from a German TV show in 1970.

There were other items of note as well in our travels.

    I would love this bed in human size. 

    Not what we think of when we think of Edward Hopper.

Norman Rockwell references the Flemish painters while selling raisins. 


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