Hearts of sand

We cruised thru Hampton Beach, NH and it was rocking and rolling. Several miles of burger joints, lobster huts and T-Shirt shops line one side of a street while behind them hundreds of motels rooms, none of them chains. Herds of skinny kids, paunchy parents and self-conscious teens move toward the water, some with boogie boards still in their plastic, most with coolers and chairs, to stake out their place in the sand. It is cloudy and 68 degrees with a damp breeze, but they have waited since last summer for this chance at the perfect tan and memories that they hope to look back on fondly, long after their skin has stopped peeling. 

Oh, the romances that will take place, the phone numbers exchanged, the selfies and sea shells to remember this magic summer by. Do not be cynical. These romances are real, though brief, and an important part of learning to be an adult. Hearts will break, tattoos will be rued. 

It's summer and we are at the beach. 


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