Union Square

Now one of my favorite NYC public spaces...at least on this Sunday afternoon...

Checkers!  But not just any checkers.  When I was growing up we called the big ones Texas Checkers.

And Krishnas supplying the soundtrack.

Must have been a dozen chess tables in action (along with a seemingly ever-present Whole Foods).

Token nudity.

A street vendors inspiration/stimulation.  (Sheila bought an excellent cheap phone case from this guy.)

Apparently this clock with 8 digits count up from midnight and 7 digits counting down to midnight had been keeping bad time in both directions, but was recently corrected.  It remains remarkably unmoving art (for a number of reasons I won't bother to enumerate in this sitting)...

...particularly compared to this find!  Victor, a Cuban immigrant, called it "mixed media".  It called my name from across the Square.

Always figured the subway canopy was a nod to the Paris Metro.


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