Live Free And Die

New Hampshire has huge liquor stores at its highway rest areas. They are bigger than a CVS but smaller than a Target. The one we stopped at had a welcome center in a small trailer. I went in for a map and then asked a question.
Me- I saw the sign saying that those under 18 must wear a seat belt. Does that mean that adults don't have to?
Welcome woman- That's right, and I think it's a good thing. I don't want the government telling me what to do.
Me - So you can live free AND die.
Her- There are worse things in life than dying. 
            And she proceeds with her diatribe against the government. 
Me - But when you are disabled from your car wreck, you'll be expecting the government to send you disability checks, right .
Her - There are too many people on disability. 
           And so on and so on.
Her - We don't have motorcycle helmet laws here either.
Me - Yes, and it's the risk takers that increase insurance premiums for me. How if that fair? Gotta run.

And I left. But if Mark hadn't been waiting in the car...

We stopped in Concord and did a self tour of their state house. It had many portraits of governors and I noticed that most served only two years. Apparently, re-electing anyone is something they don't do here either. 

Aside from being the home of Frankin Pierce, a president I know nothing about, New Hampshire doesn't have much for tourists except natural beauty and, as a person who is still challenged to walk, it was something I had to observe from the car. 


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