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Buh bye, 2014

As is common at the end of a trip, there are photos that didn't make the cut for earlier posts but still deserve their moment of light. 

In this last post for this particular adventure, I share some of these.

Thought this a great sign, especially in the snow, on the day we drove to higher elevations to find winter, which was available at about 8500 feet. 

On the way back down the mountain, we decided to stop at the North Pole, which we knew to be a tourist trap, but it was even worse. It was a very sad tourist trap. With only 10 days to go till Christmas, on a Sunday afternoon, this was the scene at the parking lot.

The North Pole is open July thru December. In good weather, there are amusements to enjoy. Note the Tilt-a-Whirl on the background.

We went to the Denver Art Museum. It is in a very modern building with a very small collection of second tier European artists but the very best collection I've ever seen of Native American arts and crafts.

And here are a couple more pics from the train ride up Pike's Peak.

And a couple more from the Brown Palace

Yes, it all goes into the same bag through that smiling face.

Clearly, this place far pre-dates the legalization of marijuana in Colorado...

The arcade in Manitou Springs.

Thanks for stopping by. Until our next exclusion, buh bye. 



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There is a much copper in Finland. One sees it in roofs and decorative objects, but this is my first copper grave marker. Or polished stainless steel.

Many were somewhat more conventional, but works of art all the same.

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