Monday, December 15, 2014

Peak Experience

The trip up Pikes's Peak wasn't quite what we had planned.

We were thrilled that the weather forecast was accurate and it was a beautiful, clear skies day, since yesterday had been grey and there was snow at the higher elevations. When we arrived to board, we were told that due to a plumbing failure at the cafe at the peak and/or snow drifts across the track, we would be stopping short of the top.

Okay. What they didn't tell us was that when we stopped, we would not be allowed to get off the train because there was no there there, so the spectacular views would all have to be experienced through the windows, and since the train doesn't turn around, those of you unlucky enough to be on the left side of the trains well...too bad. You'll just have to crane your neck and lean both directions. 

Disappointing, but we were offered a refund before departure and we decided to go anyway, so oh well. We did make one stop, in a non-scenic place where the Port-A-Cans were. 

The staff calls this raven Elvis. He comes to check out the passengers at the "Santa Stop" which runs on weekends about half way up the mountain where kids can see Mr. And Mrs. Kringle. He knows that children drop yummy things. 

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