Sunday, December 14, 2014

Let it snow? Please?

Remembering the fun of being in Northern Europe last year in December and being both Michiganders with a nostalgic and romantic attachment to snow, I decided we would have a little vacay in a winter climate but NOT a ski town because we don't ski and they can be very expensive. Flights to Denver were cheap and easy in mid-December so we ended up in a town we had visited with our kids back in 1998.

Manitou Springs, Colorado. It's the mountains! Surely there will be some snow, right? 

When we got off the plane it was 63 degrees.

Oh well, we knew it was far from a sure thing. Mark took the photo below from our stoop and I think that is Pike's Peak. Maybe not. 

It's a cute cabin with a wee kitchenette, an enormous spa tub and the cast iron stove in the bedroom is gas fired and has a remote, but it is the main heat source. This is all to the good. But the location is very awkward. It is 32 uneven steps up from the car to the cabin, which sits about 6 feet from the owner's house.

Our host came and knocked on our door when we first arrived and proceeded to talk our ears off for the next 45 minutes. She told us why she moved here 20 years ago, her fear of small planes, her elected/appointed positions in city government, family health history, how the planning commission vetoed a rich guy's house plan because, basically, he's an asshole and a long story about holiday travel and dental anguish. 

Since we had gotten up at 5, had mussels in a French cafe near the Denver capitol building, toured a small, disorganized and astonishingly cramped museum of 20th century applied arts and drove to Manitou, and were now just a teensy bit oxygen deprived (6500 feet elevation) we were pooped. Went and got carry out soup at the Safeway and a few other provisions and had a quiet evening. 

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