Sunday, December 14, 2014

Good Buds

Maggie's Farm is about the only place for miles around to buy recreational pot. (Didn't Dylan describe that farm as an awful place where employment termination was imminent? But I digress.)

When the law passed, built in was the right for each municipality to decide if it wanted to allow recreational sales along wih medical sales and many towns have said no but Manitou Springs said yes.  Twice. In last November's ballot was a provision to repeal rec sales and it was defeated. From July to October of this year, the city reaped about a quarter million in sales tax. For a city with a population of 5200, that's not chump change. 

Because the shop itself has a no photos please policy, here is their full page ad in the alt weekly.

Here is how it works.

You walk into the lobby and take a number. When yours is called, you show your ID to the young clerk who records the info. (Purchase limits are lower for out of state buyers.)
Then you sit in a row of about 20 chairs along the big windows and when your turn comes, you are pointed to one of two rooms to consult with your "bud advisor" who answers your questions and guides your purchase from behind a nicely lit glass cabinet of wares. Another ID check and your preferences are noted in their data base. You then proceed to the cash register where you again show ID, pay in cash (credit card companies won't do business with pot sellers) and are given your goods in a white paper bag with the receipt stapled to it, just like at the pharmacy. The entire thing had a slightly clinical feel, though very friendly. 

The process took 30-40 minutes because of the wait times. We asked if it was ever not busy and were told first thing at 8AM when they open. And during Broncos games. 

We were not the oldest people there but most customers were young. Since the place we are staying does not allow smoking of any kind we opted for edibles. 

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