Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

So as we leave Denmark, here are random reflections...

1. Not many non-Anglos. The place feels clean and prosperous, which doesn't mean that they don't have gypsy beggars and bus stop hanging winos. And skater punks! 
2. Perhaps our cab driver wasn't comfortablely fluent in English, but everyone else was, right down to colloquialisms. When I ordered the cab, I asked for a price estimate and the woman said "Worse case scenario..." 
3. I found the museums lacking, but then I'm sort of a museum snob. 
4. There some serious tanning going on. Saw so many golden brown Danes, and while some may have been from the parlor, I think it's just a northern tendency to worship the sun when you have it and dress like it's really hot out when it's about 62 degrees. Sitting outside to have a drink, even in 25mph winds on a chilly day, is A-OK as long as there is sun. 

This place was in the Brooklyn of Copenhagen, but there are similarly crowded places all over town.  We ambled down to a well reviewed restaurant called Gorilla and indulged in snacks of scallops, octopus and something they called a Korean hotdog - in other words, kimchi instead of sauerkraut. Also in this 'hood...

We were not the only ones taking pictures. 

And I close with a better photo of the pharmacy unicorn.

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