Sunday, June 12, 2016

Strawberry sommelier needed

Who knew there were half a dozen types of strawberries from which to choose, each with subtle differences. I pointed to a basket, handed over my €s and was not disappointed! They exploded with flavor.

It's strawberry season in Finland and here at the market, which is outdoors every day with produce, crafts and hot food to eat, here by the docks where the boats ferry you to some of Finland's many islands or Stockholm, we ended up with a Sunday morning brunch of smelt, an actual mess of smelt, as that the the collective noun used for smelt. 

I was seated in an orange tent.

Me with sister Sandi and her husband, Richard, who arrived half a day before us but alas! Sandi's luggage did not arrive with her. Note my flying jacket - it is windy and in the 50s. 

Helsinki Cathedral

Lutheran. Eighty percent of Finns say they are Lutheran,  but few are regular church goers. The second most popular religion is Eastern Orthodox, at 1%.

It was a rather spartan interior, especially compared to the dripping with riches and bleeding saint mannequins of Spain. Charmingly, and oh so Finnish (they have long been HUGE coffee drinkers; not sure I ever saw my Dad drink anything else) there is a coffee shop down in the basement where various charities bake the goods and staff the shop as fund raisers for their group. We truly enjoyed our home baked goodies provided this week by Red Cross volunteers. 

Did I mention that it is Helsinki Day! Events all over the city and people strolling up and down the esplanade. We were quite enamored by this lovely lady - such style! 

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