Friday, June 10, 2016

Why not Sweden?

The great thing about Europe- you can go to another country with little planning. As a matter of fact, no one checkd our ID as we entered Sweden and no one checked to see if we really had train tickets either. Crazy! 

We had not intended to visit Sweden on this trip, but when we discovered it was just a short train ride from Copenhagen, it was why not? So off to Malmö we went. 

It was graduation time in sunny Malmö and groups of students, girls dressed in white, boys in dark blazers, all wearing captain's hats, stroll the street singing, blowing whistles and making a ruckus. And why not?

But I noted that the students in hijab were in their own group, though still in tight white, but no skin showing, outfits. In fact, I saw far more women in hijab these few hours in Sweden than in 4 days in Denmark. 
Also, in Copenhagen, unlike other European cities, no churches are touted as tourist attractions. Below is St. Peter's in Malmö. 

Other cathedrals we visit are below. We like trains and we especially like train stations.

I think my next post will be reflections on Copenhagen as seen in the rear view mirror.

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  1. Great comments. Yeah Copenhagen. More on your take.