Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to make it work

So there we are, having decided we needed a little more beach time, on a Saturday night in August and there are no rooms at ANY of the inns. We head inland and spot a humble fishing camp and score the last place- a two bedroom cabin.

The owner was just returning from picking up the canoes he had rented that day. He also raises chickens and has a huge garden. Sells hanging baskets and walking sticks he carves with morel mushrooms as a common stick top carving.

Cabins are heated for hunting season and there are ski holders in the cabins as well.

In short, like people all over the world, especially in small towns, the man does a LOT of things for a living.

Do you only have one job? If I recall correctly, a line from the movie Local Hero, said by a village Scotsman to the oil exec from Houston.

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