Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If you seek a beautiful peninsula, Part 2

But we did have fun and the weather was good in the mighty mitten.

Any temperature over 85 gets them groaning about how hot it is. HA HA HA HA HA!

We spent our anniversary (28!) in Friendly Ferndale. Went to a comedy club for a short play about three dudes who live on a lake and think their lives were saved by Rock and Roll, specifically Bob Seger. There was even a reference to our old station, WRIF, which is where Mark and I met and it remains a rocker in The Motor to this day. It was perfectly appropriate.

The following day we went to the Detroit Institute of Arts. It is one of America's great art museums (and it also has an excellent cafe in the basement with killer mac and cheese). This was corny romantic for us, as our early days together included quite a few trips to the DIA, especially for their Bruch with Bach on Sunday mornings. We was young and crazy and happy.

But the Rivera Court never fails to amaze. Though I have been there a zillion times, I see something new each time. Diego Rivera was hired to create these murals back in the 30s and it was funded by Edsel Ford. When the locals learned that a communist was being paid to paint, they protested. When local religious leaders saw a corner of the mural that seemed to show the baby Jesus getting a vaccination while being held by a nurse who looked like Jean Harlow, they were livid. Edsel held his ground. The rest is art history.

It took Rivera nine months to paint the murals. Meanwhile, Frida, who came to Detroit with him, had a miscarriage at Henry Ford Hospital. She painted about that.

And we met an old friend (another radio alum) for dinner and he left me laughing and it was good.

Photos, many photos to come. I swear, this crummy connectivity issue...

We also went to a ball game, but obviously, Mark will need to write about that!

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