Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Magical History Tour, Part 2

Back story - Mark's mother moved last month to live near her daughter in Wisconsin, thus we were left with, not only a lack of accommodations in the Detroit area, but lack of a reason to return to MI. Small kids and grandparents was a big driver. Now we have adult kids and few relations left in Michigan. So Mark and I took this opportunity to visit old haunts and say goodbye to places.

One actually occurred in July, when I spent an hour in Stamford, CT and saw the place where I lived for about 15 months where a portion of my brief college marriage took place. The building had been very poorly remodeled and thus looked completely different, as did the house across the street, and it was strange and I felt almost nothing and was surprised at how little I remembered.

Compare this to Ann Arbor, where I lived almost the exact same amount of time. (I left home after 11th grade and left A2 to go to college in East Lansing.)

This was the A2 of The Weathermen, The White Panthers. It was a great place to be young at a great time.

Ann Arbor was so clear in my memory and both places where I had lived looked basically unchanged.

Note: The Weathermen did change their name to the Weather Underground when the women objected to the sexism, which leads me to my next overheard conversation at the Fleetwood Diner in A2 where we had lunch and where Mark used to eat in the early 80s when he worked in this city.

"I told him what she said and he tells me 'That is impossible. I would never use a gender specific slur.' Oh puleeze!"

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