Moo and more

Ah well. There will always be gaps, I suppose.
On the route to Up North after  a visit with the Maetzolds of Cedarburg, WI. They are Mark's sister, husband Tim and son, Sam. Daughter Amy busy working in Madison.

Mark's Mom lives here as well just a couple of blocks from the Main Street of a prosperous little town with an apparent tourist trade, given the number of shops selling antiques, faux antiques, bric a brac and doo dads. The evening before the parade, the locals claim their spots with chairs and leave them. The chairs remain unmolested all night long. 

The 4th of July included said parade and fireworks, in fine style, a little canoe trip, an afternoon party at friends. Perfect. 

Wisconsin is all about the cheese, the beer and the brats and as we motor through dairy farmlandia, we feel out Midwestern roots.  No sign of drought here- all is lushly green.

Onward we drive to the big lake they call Gitche Gumee. That is how Longfellow spelled it. 


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