Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random notes

As we drive around the NW bits of Michigan, I notice many flags, stickers, shirts, mail boxes and more with my alma mater, Michigan State. I notice far fewer emblems from the University of Michigan, despite the fact that they are the prestige school and I went to Moo U. Why? 
Is it because people from U of M are less likely to be from Michigan and less likely to stay in Michigan? 

We drove up the Leelanau Peninsula today and found a great house in Sutton's Bay that was perfect; too bad we are in no position to buy. But we not only found cherries- they are a bit late this year- we found an old fashioned honor system cherry stand and I nearly wept. 

Had lunch with an old friend from Jr. High who I reconnected with on FB a few years back and- cliche as it is, she looks very much the same. Why do some of us retain a "look" for so many years and others ... you would never begin to recognize them. Sometimes in airports I study people waiting and wonder if I knew them in the past. 

Another storm headed our way tonight. We sleep with windows open. 

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