Saturday, July 6, 2013

Follow-up on Phil's 550 Store...

What caught our eye first was the action photo of Jack Morris in his 1984 prime, tucked away in a back corner.  Then the display stand came into focus.  That's an enameled Tiger logo above a neon PHIL'S.  Nice.  But check out what inhabits the shelves of the stand:

(I'm finding the blog reduces the resolution of the pictures, so I'll give you a partial inventory.)

A Chilton manual, a McMaster catalog, "Metals and How to Weld Them",
"Machinery's Handbook", various wiring reference books, "Fundamentals of HVAC Repair", "Complete Building Equipment Maintenance Desk Book", "Introduction to Fluid Power", "The RV Book" (another repair manual), and without any apparent irony, "Operations Management"!

And a large print Bible bound in an ornate plastic cover, which seemed both practical, and thematically perfect.

It was pretty clear all of this stuff was for borrowing, if you were in a pinch...or just had a hankering to weld something.

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