Thursday, July 18, 2013

We will dance the hootchie cootchie

St Louis - the first time I have ever seen the city from anything but a car window.
The arch - actually cooler up close than from afar. Parking is $6 and going up in the arch itself is $17 I think, which seems like a lot for an elevator ride plus the lines were long and the weather was cloudy so we opted not. We strolled through the Lewis and Clark Museum on the first floor - a confounding mish mosh of artifact reproductions and quote plaques in no obvious order. It just might be the most disappointing  museum I have seen since my first visit to the Museum of Natural Science in Houston, circa 1982, which, at that time, was dusty drill bits and displays of things made with petroleum. (Trash Bags!) 
St Louis was much bigger and much nicer than I imagined. We found a lofty neighborhood and had a pretty good meal; dill pickle soup.
You will be my tootsie wootsie
If you'll meet me in St. Louie, Louie
Meet me at the fair.

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