Prado and Prejudice

I had real qualms about The Prado.

Not a fan of Goya or Velazquez. Knew the place was very Spanish-centric. But seriously, can you come to Madrid and not go to the Prado?

So we went. And it was as expected. Room after room after room of religious themed paintings, even those by Italians and Germans and Flemish artists, innocents being slaughtered, Sabine women being raped, heads on platters, the Passion, the Pity, and the ever present virgin with one tit showing.

The only memorable exception was the Bosch. Yes, the Garden of Earthly Delights was there is all its acid tryptich-ness. Just what was he on? 

So we made our way over to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Seems a Hungarian baron married Miss Spain 1961 and their collection plus the government's purchases of hundreds more works resulted in a fine museum. Very eclectic and some B list artists, but also a chance to discover things and revel in some great pieces.

Anyplace with Rembrandt, Hopper and Wyeth is A-OK with me. 


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