the Random Word Generator

Random English words on clothing continues to be a real trend. There is a clothing store called "Springfield" whose in-store signs are all in English and they feature a thin letter jacket with a large M on the right side of the chest and within the M it says "Memphis" 

As I see interesting words on clothes, I make note. Here are some examples:

Small Athletic Original

South Bank Union Square Manhattan

J&J E:1975 (declaring a date of establishment is very popular, though the shirt that claimed 1898 was a bit hard to believe.)

The Hundreds Telling Points 

Dear Pee Land (what did this person think it said?)

A cap that looked like a Pittsburgh Pirates cap in blue, but on the inside of the brim so It would be seen when worn pushed  back --- "Stay Golden"

Dream Fun

Asphalt Rider (on a middle aged woman)

Cheap Monday Stockholm (good for a very short vacation)

On the back of a jacket, over the left shoulder - 
     Industrial Dpt
     C (skull picture) 37 A  (and what was 37 B) 

Brilliant Luxury Soda (an idea with potential)

And on a tall, slim Japanese teen--- Yake Me To Paris


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