Random Word Generator, Part 2

As someone who has always avoided designer brands and visible logos, (You want to use my body as a billboard? Pay me.) I find the global desire for our brands fascinating. Non-American companies try to pull off the Anglo vibe and it works well for them. In a previous post, I talked about Springfield, a Spanish brand whose everything in-store is in English.
A Danish company is the biggest European clothes seller in China, and it's brands are :
   Mamalicious - maternity, of course
   Selected Femme 
And Jack & Jones, the non-American logo we saw most often except for...

Pull & Bear, a Spanish brand with stores everywhere. 
(See the Abercrombie & Fitch influence? Europeans still crave that brand and line up round the block to get into their store on 5th Ave.)

Other slogans, maker unknown, we saw while in Iberia.
   Jeans Intelligence
   Dresen Power
   Infinite D 62 coded
   This is a perfect low (on a seemingly cheerful looking woman in her 40s)
   NY Sunday Voltage Dirt Club , (in a circular design, of course.)
   Minnesota, NY (Where the Voltage Dirt club is?)
   Palm Beach Rugby Beach Team, Old Tigers (Highly unlikely.) 
   Incunabula (It means a book published before 1501. Also, good metal band name.)

And when weary of just throwing together words, how about letters?
On a man purse at Heathrow in largish font -  
Available now on both Alibaba and Amazon. Honest. 

Got few photos, as most things passed by quickly. Must admit I loved the cheek of the last one, seen in a shop in Lisbon that does small run stuff locally.

The more fonts the better. 

Can't fault the sentiment

Not really sure what the designer was trying to say. I say this is George Bush. Mark isn't so sure. 


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