Friday, November 6, 2015

Ruined by Ruins

Evora, Portugal, yet another Uneso World Heritage Site.
This peninsula is filthy with them. 
We have seen so many churches and castles and quaint, narrow streets we have overdosed.

Only 500 years old? Yawn. We are already jaded. 

But Roman ruins, well, that's different. 

The photo above was taken by Fred, our tuk-tuk tour guide.

His English is excellent and this is his business. An entrepreneur. We wish him well.

Finally, on Friday the sun came thru. We headed west to investigate the Almendres Stone Circle, oldest in Europe, thought to be 4-5 centuries BC. Not quite the tourist attraction Stonehenge is, as it's simply a cow path that leads there. 

The muddy parking area had a couple of camper vehicles in it and when we walked to the stones, we came upon a young woman engaged in her sun salutations. French hippies. The remnants of their campfire remained in the center of the stone circle. Which is more of an oval.

And of course they do line up with the sun. Note me in the pic for a sense of their size. 

Nothing like the sun to lift spirits. 

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