Friday, July 23, 2010

Nature, three stories up.

Yesterday's theme was green on high. We headed to the Met Museum to be there when it opened and take in Big Bambu on the roof before the crowds got to it.

T'was very cool. I want one in my back yard.

(Link to Big Bambu on MET Website.)

And as dusk fell, we hightailed it to the Highline; old el train tracks that have been converted to a park. The design is incredible, the landscaping, the seating, the lighting- every element simply brilliant in design and execution.

(Click here for link to High Line Website.)

In this case, photos simply cannot convey...

But Chelsea, where the park is, was not our kind of town. Packs of impossibly thin women with tiny dresses looking not all that confident strolling past the cool bars, all of them spilling into the street on this summer night. The land of the $12 drink and the wiff of anxiety.

Me and Mark? We are much much more comfortable with Lenny and John.

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