Baseball Hall of Same

There is a glass case with a shirt and a ball and a bat. And over there is a glass case with a shirt and a ball and a base. And over there...You get the idea. What is interesting about baseball is the stories, not the stuff, thus I quickly realized that the HOF would be much more interesting on line.

Furthermore, most of the artifacts are from teams within a reasonable drive of the HOF. Trust me, if you root for the D-backs or the Rays or the Astros...hell, there wasn't even much from the Tigers!

The plaques. Wow, they are strange. I must research who writes these things. They are a hodge-podge lot, some crammed with factoids and anecdotes, other strangely devoid of any real content. But seriously, did they have to describe Jackie Robinson, in the first sentence, as "colorful?"

On the other hand, this just might be the cutest town in America. It is filled with quaint churches and charming Victorian homes with lush flower beds. The main drag has shops and shops dedicated to baseball and fudge that abound with cute, punful names.

I am on my netbook while Mark has the mass of fotos in the Mac. He will post for your viewing pleasure.
(Mark - Go Deep!)

OK, I've been struggling for far too long trying to get these pictures to post opposed to the graphic/aesthetic chaos you see here. I give up! But I've come to see that struggle as perfectly emblematic of the internal emotional/intellectual battle (skirmish?) I've been having in my heart/head since leaving the Hall. (The Random Mobile Post below was more or less an immediate reaction.)

Here is my (considered) take-away: Forget the fact that the Hall is Museum Science-challenged, it's all about the Plaques! Period. And having experienced the Hall, I now hold these opinions FIRMLY...

1. Craig Biggio should and will be a First Round inductee.
2. Jeff Bagwell is on the bubble at BEST, but he doesn't belong.
3. Lance Berkman who?
4. Pete Rose should get his Plaque!

Opinion #4 is a Sea Change for me, and speaks to some uber-dimensional Hall effect. So despite the general disappointment, there must be something spiritual about the place...


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