Monday, July 19, 2010

RANDOM MOBILE POST (or so they will come to be known) - It turns out that posts from the iPhone show up in the blog more or less randomly, so please excuse any apparent temporal dislocations.  Think of it as The Guild navigating by folding space/time.  Plus, by abandoning a strict timeline, it's OK to to the night in Winchester, VA at the Towne Suites - Marriott, packed to the gills with participants (and their parents, whining younger sibllings, and pets) of a high school girls' softball tournament.  As I waited for the end of my dryer cycle amid a gaggle of kvetching moms (and one strategy-challenged dad) and a mountain of dirty uniforms, I was forced to reassess my theory that baseball is a glorious game at ALL levels.  (Sent Monday morning.)  

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