Monday, July 19, 2010


An hour from The Apple...[edit] This one was sent from a Whitehouse, NJ park that turned out to be more like TWO (2) hours from the city, given construction on the Jersey Turnpike bridge into Bayonne and a busy Holland Tunnel. ASIDE: Last time I drove into The City was probably in 1974 on one of those 17-hour "I dare you" runs from Kalamazoo. We seemed to always hit the Delaware Water Gap around 4 am, when crossing NJ on I-80 in the accumulating truck traffic (and gathering dawn) toward the George Washington Bridge made it feel like a Tractor Beam. This time it felt more like Captain Kirk had the Deflector Shields on full power.

ALSO: Have decided to think of mobile post randomness as a Pulp Fiction-ish narrative device. (Anyway, The Navigators Guild's focus was on folding space, not time, as I remember.)

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