When I bemoan the Designated Hitter, it is a sign that I have forgotten said rule was instrumental in Al Kaline's 1st ballot induction into Hall of Fame. He would not have gotten 3000 hits...maybe he would't have played the 1974 season if he had to take the field. On the other hand, under the circumstances, Al taking on the DH role spelled the end of the line for Gates Brown. A thought that brings me only sadness. Cooperstown is the epitome of cuteness on a sunny summer afternoon: crowds as thick as a NYC midtown street; just souvenirs, ice cream, and joyful kiddos! The HoF itself was a disappointment, perhaps due to expectations (there is just a small fading photograph to honor Ernie in the Broadcasters Wing). But we got to touch Al's plaque, and then there was the display that consisted of an endless loop video of Abbot & Costello's "Who's on First" routine...


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