Sunday, July 25, 2010

overheard at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

A woman vendor talking to a man who is too quiet to hear.

her - If Marcia is drowning, you have to save her. You have to save her.
him - ( )
her - But what I am saying is, if she is drowning you HAVE to save her. You do.
him - ( )
her - Not me. That's God.
him- ( )
her - All I'm saying is, if your Mother is drowning and Marcia is drowning, you have to save Marcia first. That's what The Bible says. You have to put your wife first. That isn't my opinion. That is what God says. Your wife comes first.
him - ( )
her- No. God is talking through me. You have to save Marcia. I'm just telling you what God thinks.

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